The Raunch Hands "Have A Swig!" 1990

The Raunch Hands "Have A Swig!" 1990: Highlights here include a lascivious stomp, "Everybody Loves Yo' Mama," and the less-than-existential "Naked, Naked, Naked." More power to these guys, whose gutter-view perspective has undeniable aroma and charm.In their mid-'80s heyday (such as it was), New York's Raunch Hands were retro-rock representatives of that presumed golden age of sleaze, the mid-'50s to mid-'60s. Thus El Rauncho Grande offers neo-rockabilly, neo-R&B and even neo-Mex, all filtered through the band's beer-heightened (lowered?) sensibilities.

01 Everybody Loves Yo' Mama 02 I Did You No Wrong 03 Never Comin' Home 04 Naked, Naked, Naked 05 The Long Crawl Home 06 Frenzy 07 Hell-Bent