Basel 1 GCG95Z GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – April 9, 2012

Basel 1 GCG95Z GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – April 9, 2012:

View near the cache location
Basel 1 (GCG95Z) hides along the banks of the Rhine River in Switzerland. It’s the most “favorited” geocache in the country. Basel 1 has accumulated nearly 300 Favorite Points to date. Some geocachers simply write in their logs, “One of the best caches in the world!!!!”
The traditional geocache was hidden by muelsee in 2003. The geocache combines an historic location with an unforgettable experience. The difficulty three, terrain one geocache has been found by more than 1500 geocachers from around the world.
Read the logs on the cache page for an idea of what makes the geocache so spectacular. Many of the log entries are in German and may need to be translated. Warning as spoilers may be contained in the logs.

View from near the cache location of a reenactment on the Rhine
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