The unofficial Google Earth Flight Simulator gets a new home and a slew of enhancements

The unofficial Google Earth Flight Simulator gets a new home and a slew of enhancements:
Late in 2010 we told you about Xavier Tassin's excellent GE Flight Simulator, a remarkable flight sim that is powered by the Google Earth Plugin. The name has recently been changed to "GEFS Online" and he's added a ton of new features.


The new features include:

• Dynamic suspension on all aircraft

• Runway lighting at night

• Concorde, Cessna 152 and Zlin 50

• Aircraft lights

• An aircraft carrier you can take-off from and land onto.

• Reworked flight models - prop wash

• Reworked multiplayer

• Mach indicator

• Flight Path utility in map (thanks to Gustav)

• Gear, flaps, brakes and spoiler indicators

• Smoke effects on touch down

• Multimonitor support (experimental)

• Performance and stability improvements

We had high praise for the game when it first game out in late 2010, and with this update it's become even better. The multiplayer mode is amazing -you can see other players flying around with you in real-time. Fortunately, there is no collision detection with other planes, so you can literally fly through each other. This is a wise move, as it makes it impossible for other players to disrupt your flight. However, it does have collision detection on buildings, so fly carefully!


I also spent some time playing with the experimental multimonitor mode, which worked quite well. It was very similar to the fluid nebula experience (also created by Xavier). The game didn't run particularly smoothly when going full-screen on all three monitors, but that's to be expected when you're trying to run three instances of the Google Earth Plug-in, each with 3D buildings and trees.

All in all, I'm incredibly impressed with this update. If you have any interest in flight simulators at all, you need to head over to gefs-online right now and give it a try. Great work, Xavier!