"HEP CATS FROM BIG SPRING" - Texas Rock 'n' Roll From The 50's and 60's

"HEP CATS FROM BIG SPRING" - Texas Rock 'n' Roll From The 50's and 60's: Subtitled 'Texas Rock & Roll from the '50s and '60s, ' this is about as raw and unvarnished as the music gets. There are no big, or even recognizable, names aboard this compilation (unless you consider tenuous connections to Buddy Holly like Larry Welborn and Ben Hall big names), but the music certainly delivers the goods in a straightforward manner, always a plus on these type of collections. The more notable moments include Ben Hall's take on his "Blue Days-Black Nights" that Holly recorded as his first single and ""Be-Bop Ball," Larry Welborn's "Guitar Hop," Orville Fox and the Harmony Masters' "Honey, You Talk Too Much," Bobby Allison's "Bark Like a Dog" and the Regals' "Waitin' on the Steps at School." (Cub Koda, Allmusic)

1. Move Mama - Ben Hall 2. Be-Bop Ball - Ben Hall 3. Blue Days - Back Nights - Ben Hall 4. Honey, You Talk Too Much - Orville Fox & The Harmony Masters 5. Silly Sally - Sammy Lara & TheSkytones 6. Little Girl - Sammy Lara & The Skytones 7. Tell Me - The Regals 8. Waitin' - The Regals 9. Lover's Regret - The Classics 10. Hep Cat - The Teen Kings 11. Some Sweet Day - David Box & The Ravens 12. That's All I Want From You - David Box & The Ravens 13. I Do The Best I Can - David Box & The Ravens 14. Waitin' - David Box & The Ravens 15. Guitar Hop - Larry Welborn 16. It's Gonna Happen - Bob Osborn 17. Heart Thief - Bob Osborn 18. Too Young To Love, Too Old To Cry - Don Nicholas & TheFour Teens 19. Goin' Back To Louisiana - Bob Osburn 20. Bark Like A Dog - Bobby Allison
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