Sounds Sublime

Sounds Sublime:

Long Beach Dub All-Stars

Right Back



by Jason Ankeny

Following the 1996 heroin overdose of Sublime frontman Brad Nowell, surviving bassist Eric Wilson and drummer Bud Gaugh formed the Long Beach Dub Allstars with singer Opie Ortiz, guitarists RAS-1 and Miguel, keyboardist Jack Maness, keyboardist Isaiah Owens, saxophonists Todd Foreman and Tim Wu, and DJ Marshall Goodman. After appearing on a series of compilations and tribute albums, the group issued its full-length debut Right Back on DreamWorks in the fall of 1999.


by Steve Kurutz

Everything about this album boils down to expectations. Released by the remaining members of Sublime, with ample help from friends and guest musicians, Right Back is a loose collection of jams, half-realized songs, and silly, in your face attitude. Getting back to expectations -- if you're looking for the kind of clever lyrics and ultra catchy melodies that Sublime frontman Brad Nowell was known for you're going to be deeply disappointed. However, even though the pop sheen is gone, the SoCal loose vibes and attitude remain throughout the album, aided by guest singers like Bad Brains' HR and dancehall star Barrington Levy.


1. "Righteous Dub"

2. "Rosarito"

3. "My Own Life"

4. "Fugazi"

5. "New Sun"

6. "Kick Down"

7. "Like A Dog"

8. "Sensi"

9. "Trailer Ras"

10. "Pass It On"

11. "Soldiers"

12. "Saw Red (She's Mine)"

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