Cradle to Grave Commercialization of Childhood

Cradle to Grave Commercialization of Childhood:

If the following trailer for Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood doesn’t convince parents that our children are being educated to be nothing more than slaves to the consumption paradigm, then nothing will. In fact, the only parents who could ignore the warnings have themselves likely fallen into the trap of a mentality that will lead to a life of emptiness, ignorance and financial ruin.

They’re at the time in their life when they’re forming all of their values and attitudes. They’re in the formative stages.

The philosophy becomes cradle to grave. Let’s get to them early. Let’s get to them often. Let’s get to them in as many places as we can get them. And, our goal is, not just to sell them products and services, but to turn them into lifelong consumers.

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