"GUITARE COUNTRY" - From Old Time To Jazz Times 1926-1950

"GUITARE COUNTRY" - From Old Time To Jazz Times 1926-1950: This collection may not be for everyone, but for listeners interested in the evolution of country guitar styles, it's an ear-popping revelation. Track after track features simply stunning guitar work. Among the many highlights are Sam McGee's "The Franklin Blues," Frank Hutchison's slide work on "K.C. Blues," and the marvelous "Intoxicated Rat," by the Dixon Brothers. The swooping and receding slide work on "Birmingham Rag," by Darby & Tarlton leaves you scratching your head in amazement. The fast, smooth and bouncy version of "Lost John," by Merle Travis shows why he is so revered by guitar players everywhere. Chet Atkins eases things into the electric era with "Dizzy Strings," before things wrap up with blazing guitar runs from Jimmy Bryant on "Bryant's Boogie," and "Red Headed Polka." This is what country guitar sounded like before stomp boxes took over, and the skill on display here will either make you put your guitar down, or pick it back up again. ~ Steve Leggett, Allmusic

trax CD 1:
1. Just Picking - Roy Harvey & Loenard Copeland 2. Buck Dancer's Choice - Sam McGee 3. John Henry - Riley Puckett 4. Red Rose Rag - David Fletcher & Gwen Foster 5. The Franklin Blues - Sam McGee 6. K.C. Blues - Frank Hutchinson 7. Old Black Dog - Dick Justice 8. Bluegrass Twist - Vander Everidge 9. Carter's Blues - The Carter Family 10. Birmingham Rag - Darby & Tarlton 11. Spanish Fandango - John Dilleshaw & The String Marvel 12. Jailhouse Rag - David Miller 13. Do Right Daddy Blues - Gene Autry w/Roy Smeck 14. Slippery Fingers - Roy Smeck 15. Guitar Rag - Roy Harvey & Jess Johnson 16. Intoxicated Rat - The Dixon Brothers 17. Southern Whoopee Song - The Anglin Brothers 18. This Train - The Delmore Brothers
trax CD 1:
1. Dance Of The Doggies - Karl Farr & Hugh Farr 2. Fat Boy Rag - Bob Wills (With Junior Barnard) 3. Three Guitars Special - Bob Wills (With Eldon Shamblin) 4. Last John - Merle Travis 5. Dizzy Strings - Chet Atkins 6. Guitar Rag - Merle Travis 7. Galloping On The Guitar - Chet Atkins 8. Guitar Artistry - Arthur Smith 9. So Happy I'll Be - Flatt & Scruggs 10. Express Boogie - Arthur Smith 11. Hillbilly Jump - Hank Penny 12. Boogie Woogie Lou - Zeb Turner 13. Sugarfoot Rag - Hank Garland 14. Let's Go Dancin' - Roy Hogsed 15. Sugarfoot Boogie - Hank Garland 16. Hillbilly Fever - Little Jimmy Dickens With Grady Martin 17. Bryant's Boogie - Jimmy Bryant 18. Red Headed Polka - Jimmy Bryant
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