Free Report: Outsmart Your Rivals with Competitive Intelligence

Free Report: Outsmart Your Rivals with Competitive Intelligence:


You wouldn’t start a business without the proper knowledge and research into what the market is doing. Why should your marketing strategy for that business be any different?

Using competitive intelligence is a crucial component for gauging your marketing performance against the efforts of your competitors. By doing a little research before you develop and build your new marketing strategy, you can see what is working and what’s not for your competitors, giving you the edge to emulate and improve. Using a competitive intelligence solution like Compete PRO can help you get a better understanding of your competitive landscape and show you how to close the gaps between you and your competitors.

With this free whitepaper, you’ll learn how to:

- Set benchmarks to help you keep tabs on competitors

- Use search analytics tools to increase your search traffic and conversions

- Discover untapped channels that can help drive traffic to your site

- Fill the holes in your sales funnel to optimize conversions

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