I’m called little Corium

I’m called little Corium:

"We sail the ocean blue./ And it's full of radiation. / Before it kills us too, / We will seek another nation!"

In my mind, Fukushima continues to get the Gilbert and Sullivan treatment.

This, I understand, is called “displacement activity.” It’s an interesting phenomenon. More about it in another post.

Meanwhile, someone else steps in for Buttercup in Pinafore:

I’m called little Corium, dear little Corium,

Hearken ye well to my verse;

For I’m deadly Corium, fissioning Corium,

Stuff of your nightmares, and worse!

I gushed from Daiichi and (isn’t it peachy?)

Polluted the land and the sea,

And all through the ocean, forever in motion,

Spread radioactivity!

With Corium firing, cetaceans expiring,

And croplands in perilous state,

Hot particles fly; half the world waits to die,

And it won’t have much longer to wait!

(c) David Ritchie 2012

(DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this verse are Corium’s own and do not necessary reflect those of the author.)

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