social media advocacy and outreach for the web apps that you like

social media advocacy and outreach for the web apps that you like:

the rise of the individual. .. social media making in effect ;)


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(btw, i put my buddybeer usb zip here if you wanna see what i put on it)

i'm really stoked about the idea of working in the digital clouds with new ways of working that fits around the way you work. i have been a nine to five kind of person. i like a drink, i like to make videos and i like to engage with people that i think have a good idea and disrupt those ideas that simple do nothing for a community and loyality.

i've been having interesting conversations with daniel rose (@danielroseart) over the last few days about fiverr, a site i'm doing some gigs on that will make me five dollars (around a pint) for the work that i do on them if people order them. we spoke about cost and value and about outsourcing things and losing the notion of time spent crafting our own art and skill that can be simple over looked when your selling in small amounts like these.

i guess for me who had everything what i wanted and then to go to nothing of sorts i feel having a happy is much better to have some smaller regular different income streams rather than expecting to land the 'bigger amounts' - for me, it also changes the ethics of business, makes you reflect on time and what a moment means to someone.

as of recently fiverr also has the added extra of getting paid additional extras if you get to a certain seller level. i really like this because it actually starts to look realistic for being a brand advocate that can 'time slice' your content making skills for a piece of social video content that can be shared that can in turn drive interest, engagement and word of mouth around the web.

i was really super happy to see that buddy beers (@buddybeers) had recently release their iphone application and was very keen to give it a go. virtual gifting but real world items, and one that i particularly love as it gets the ideas flowing. beer. shame then, that nobody supports this brand new service in this city. so i had to change that! :)

what i like about the idea of virtual gifting a real world item is the notion of virtual tipping and paying it forward for people at towns and cities they have never been to before - maybe your a brand advocate working for another company and you interview a really upbeat and new company that just blows you away and the interview is awesome. instead of them just liking it and saying thanks on social media now they can gift you a drink and your favorite please. i like that.

so, i made a video for buddy beers. in fact, i made a usb stick - fourteen of them in fact, with a bunch of documents they supplied, the vimeo video and two videos i made this morning - one introducing me and fibrecamp not to freak them out about social media and video making and the other show the other pubs that i'm going to be talking too.

i love the idea that some of my favorite pubs and places might start using this system and i'm very interested to go and interview each pub to see what was good (or bad) about the process. i think this third party addon to retail business could finally swing the notion of at least customer loyal and start to cross that divide between regular and the nobody dropping in town looking to review your business.

i hope you guys like it. please comment if you do. feel free to reproduce the idea in your town and city i'm sure buddybeers would be super stoked to hear from you if you did! :)

right, so that's fourteen usb sticks to drop off at each one of the places, i think i'll do them in batches over the course of this week and see if i can get a good time before people get really busy. maybe leave the stick to pick up later but i like the idea of dropping something of value to the owner rather than just a flyer. this requires you physically put the device into a computer to read the files on it.

the usb sticks are left over from a sxsw trip i did for boxee - i had literally hundreds of usb drives that i bought back some 1gb ones with me. they are getting repurposed well! :)

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