Tsaagan Subarga GC1DPJV – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – February 13, 2012

Tsaagan Subarga GC1DPJV – GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK – February 13, 2012:

View from near the cache location

There are few locations on earth where the nearest geocache is more than one hundred kilometers away. You’re looking at one of those rare locations.

Tsaagan Subarga (GC1DPJV) is cradled in the heart of the Gobi Desert. It’s reachable by reliable vehicle or on the back of a camel or horse. The cache is named after the striking location. It’s known for the red, pink, yellow, and white stripes in the rock formations.

Wild Boy hid the cache in 2008 and has arranged for a local cache guardian to perform maintenance when he’s not in Mongolia. The difficulty 1, terrain 1.5 cache still has fewer than ten finds.

Four geocachers discovered the cache in 2011. One writes, ” I found it with my tour group on our 6th day in the Gobi desert. Our cook and driver were impressed to find this in the desert!! The cache is still in good shape and there’s a lot of places in the logbook.”

FTF on "Tsaagna Subarga"

Looks like there’s room for your name on the Tsagaan Subarga logbook. Have you ever claimed a smiley for a geocache in the desert before?

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