#WeWalkLA Foraging Walk in Los Angeles on February 25th

Foraging Walk in Los Angeles on February 25th:
Our friend Nancy is back in town and offering this class. 
Heads up, you Westsidahz! It's in Culver City.

RSVP required.

Join radical ecologist Nance Klehm for :::
Saturday, Feb 25th 11am-1pm Baldwin Park Scenic Overlook, Culver City
*meet at park entrance, by the sign, Jefferson and Hetzler, http://g.co/maps/vf2j5

This unique forage will be a two hour informally guided walk through the spontaneous and cultivated vegetation of our urbanscape. Along the walk, we will learn to identify plants and hear their botanical histories, stories of their cultural usages, animal usages, and human usages. Come share in the experiential, medicinal, magical, and uber-local properties of Los Angeles's native plants. 

$20/person: maximum 25 people/urbanforage so secure your spot now!
To register: $10 to paypal account: nettlesting@yahoo.com