"WESTERN" COWBOY BALLADS & SONGS 1925-1939: The Frémeaux & Associés release Western Cowboy Ballads and Songs 1925-1939 compiles the early recordings of all the famous cowboy songs one would expect plus plenty more which never rooted into American popular culture of the era as deeply. "The Gal I Left Behind Me," "Cattle Call," "Home on the Range," and "Oh! Suzannah!" are all collected here alongside the amazing performance by the Sons of the Pioneers of the dark, yet joyous, "Hold That Critter Down" and Powder River Jack Lee's humorous and cocky run-through of "Tying a Knot in the Devil's Tail." This set is put together nicely in that the first disc in the set of two is devoted to actual singing cowboys such as J.D. Farley and Jules Verne Allen, while the second disc is devoted to the stars of the early Hollywood Westerns like Gene Autry, Patsy Montana, and Roy Rogers providing a nice compact study showing how much influence authentic cowboys had on the music moviegoers heard from the musical Westerns with which the culture was so obsessed at the time.by Gregory McIntosh, ALLMUSIC

trax CD 1:
1. The Old Chisholm Trail - Mac McClintock 2. Streets Of Laredo - John G. Prude 3. The Cowboy's Lament - Jules Verne Allen 4. The Gal I Left Behind Me - Jules Verne Allen 5. Bandit Cole Young - Edward L. Crain 6. Bill Was A Texas Lad - J.D. Farley 7. Following The Cow Trail - Carl T. Sprague 8. Little Joe The Wrangler - Jules Verne Allen 9. Jack O'Diamonds (Rye Whiskey) - Jules Verne Allen 10. Sioux Indians - Marc Williams 11. When The Work's All Done This Fall - Carl T. Sprague 12. Tying A Knot In The Devil's Tail - Powder River Jack Lee 13. Strawberry Roan - Arizona Wranglers 14. Whoopee-Ti-Yi-Yo (Get Along Little Doggies) - John I. White 15. Sam Bass - Mac McClintock 16. Cattle Call - Tex Owens 17. Little Old Dog Shack - Montant Slim 18. The Life Of Jimmie Rodgers - Gene Autry
trax CD 2:
1. Home On The Range - Ken Maynard 2. The Lone Star Trail - Ken Maynard 3. Back In The Saddle Again - Gene Autry 4. Way Out West In Texas - Gene Autry 5. Panhandle Pete - Gene Autry 6. Minnie The Moocher At The Morgue - Smiley Burnette 7. Sam Hall - Tex Ritter 8. The Oregon Trail - Tex Ritter 9. The Hills Of Old Wyoming - Tex Ritter 10. I'm An Old Cowhand - Patsy Montana 11. Billie The Kid - The Sons Of The Pioneers 12. Hold That Critter Down - The Sons Of The Pioneers 13. The Devil's Great Grandson - The Sons Of The Pioneers 14. Oh! Suzannah! - The Light Crust Doughboys 15. Hadie Brown - Roy Rogers 16. When The Black Sheep Gets The Blues - Roy Rogers 17. Listen To The Rhythm Of The Range - Roy Rogers 18. Hi Ho Silver! - Roy Rogers
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