RAMBLIN' JAMES & THE BILLYBOPPERS "Burn One Down!" 2002: Killer Modern Authentic Rockabilly from Ashley, Jeff & Bobby from Big Sandy & the Flyrite Trio plus Jim Maund. Highly Recomended. - No Hit RecordsBurn One Down has to be one of the hottest sets of traditional rockabilly to come out in a long time. How could you go wrong with Ashley Kingman, Jeff West and Bobby Trimble from the Fly Rite Boys? Combine fantastic vocals/playing with catchy songwriting and you just can't go wrong. My faves on it are "One time, so fine" and "Brown Eyed Sweet". (Amazon)trax:
01 One Time So Fine 02 Weight Of The World 03 Heart Ain't Havin A Ball 04 Ballad Of Jacko 05 Brown Eyed Sweet 06 Friday Night 07 Which Way The Wind Blows 08 Diggin' & Datin' 09 Watchin' The 7:10 10 I'll Change Your Name Someday 11 Columbus Stockade Blues 12 I Done Told You
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