Surf Zombies - Lust For Rust [2012] #SRFRDR

Surf Zombies - Lust For Rust [2012]:

1.Torque Fest
2.Rat Tech
3.The Fleck
4.Do The Lurp
5.Road Trippin'
6.Blue Velvet Flashback
7.Tattoo Pin Up Girl
8.The PBR Strut
9.Shag The Drag
10.The Shengar
11.The Hillbilly Beast
12.Reverb Shack
13.Stingray Dream
15.Never Kill An Ape
16.Boss 302
17.Flat Black
18.Teen Scene
19.Rust Colored Leisure Suit
When Cedar Rapids Surf Zombies make a record [this is their third] they really give you plenty of bang for your buck.Topping in a grand total of 19 high octane tunes [their last album Something Weird had 21]. Despite the name of the band they aren't really considered what some would call "Horror Surf" I would considered them more along the lines of being a "Power Surf" or just "Surf Rock" either way they simply rock out.The band went through a recent line up change with the departure of rhythm guitarist Kyle Oyloe, the group however added Ian Williams to fill in.It seems that Ian has fit in nicely I must add.If your looking for a instro album with plenty of variety of song styles this band should satisfy your appetite.
Torque Fest : Punchy bass, and whirlwind lead guitars this number makes for a superb lead off track.Everything about this wreaks power.
Rat Tech : Reminding me of a cross between Hella Vader's " Slew Gin Fuzz" and something Fu Manchu would conjure up, this fuzz monster has all the makings of a hot-rod anthem.This machine is destined to crash and burn,but they don't care.The gas pedal is smashed to the floor and telephone poles are flashing by in a blur.The drumming here is so lumberous and thumping ,I love it!
The Fleck : Now this one has a more modern surf feel to it.Not gonna lie this sounds so much like Los Staitjackets at times,but they throw in a few guitar licks and even some drum beats that make this all their own.The lead guitar work is jaw dropping and original.
Do The Lurp : Taking on a 60's garage rock feel the zombies want you dance.The main direction is all about the groove,and the fuzzy tremolo will propel you into a deep and wild psychedelic trip.
Road Trippin' : Slower paced almost mid tempo,but the heavy pounding drums make it impossible to relax.If you are familiar with the now defunct cult status surf outfit Planet Seven this tune could be considered a homage to the band.
Blue Velvet Flashback : Smooth tremolo,menacing twang,stunning sustain make for a very gripping and dreamy vision as this song slowly,and lustfully explodes upon itself.Almost a hint of Santo and Johnny's classic "Sleepwalk" in their.
Tattooed Pin Up Girl :If you were to combine Chuck Berry and Duane Eddy guitar styles together this may be the outcome. Frazzled and dazzled the two guitar players battle it out for supremacy and everyone is the winner for it.
The PBR Strut : Taking cues from the famous Bo Diddley beat the Surf Zombies turn this into one mean fuzzed out stroll through the dark alley behind the bar.The bass guitar tone is deep and bellowing making this venomously dangerous.
Shag The Drag : A great good old fashioned rock and roller.Nothing out of the ordinary,but sometimes sticking with a tried and true formula works wonders.Masterfully fun nonetheless.
Shengar : Massive and powerful this tune has more bad intentions that a serial killer.The squalling and high pitched guitar, the stoner fuzz rhythm guitar,and bass swell out into one giant ball of a lurking monster from depths unknown.
The Hillbilly Beast : The base of this song is "Rumble",but the walking dead dude's make this more of a strut than a stroll. I really like the washboard scratch affect that was added here to enhance the creepiness factor.
Reverb Shake : Big fat taunting bass lines,massive walls of distorted reverb whiplash and nicely placed [sprinkled] haunting keyboards.This could go down as the heaviest song the group has ever evoked,but the record is not done.There is something quit sinister about this track.
Stingray Dream : This is a testament as to how strong this band really gets each other,and the playing shows.The way they compliment and bounce off each other is simply amazing.The fluidness isn't thought out as much as it just flows together.
Powerglide : Hefty twang,sharp galloping drums and somehow they managed to cast soulfulness character to this epic western flavored tune.Well crafted and solid.
Never Kill An Ape : Mighty and strong with the shoulders back and ready to pounce on anything with a pulse.The reverb guitars have a almost recorded in a cave sound which makes this sound utterly masculine and mean.There is a strong [Destroy All Astro-Men] MOAM? influence here without being too obvious and yet maintaining their own sound.Primate power!
Boss 302 : I almost expected to hear a car motor rev up somewhere in this song,but to tell you the truth this well lubed machine of a song doesn't need any tacky modifications.From the very first second this song rips off the starting line with full throttle reverb surf lunacy.This will certainly make any headbangers in the crowd perk up with attention.Seat belts should be worn at all times with this track.
Flat Black : The ska-like beat really gives this number a high danceability score.The spaghetti western guitars however at times take on a weird Euro vibe. The bouncing bass gives this a warm yet mysterious undertone.These guys never cease to amaze me.
Teen Scene : Fuzz and reverb guitars have been mixed so well here it almost hurts.The friendly almost wholesome rhythm gets totally corrupted by the dangerously foul sounds of the well layered fuzz guitar.I particularly like how they only unleash the nasty fuzz guitar in spurts.
Rust Colored Leisure Suit : What starts off almost ballad like "Rust Colored Leisure Suit" takes on several different faces.One being romantic,one being bluesy,and one being optimistically anthem-ish .This album closer was a obvious choice.