Off the deep end? #NUKEFREECAL

Off the deep end?:

Good metaphor
Have I gone off the deep end this time? You decide.
Tonight I got to thinking about land grabs.
Suppose someone wanted to take over huge areas of land … maybe even a whole strategically placed nation.
Might a corporation with plans measured in decades — or centuries — try something like this?
Set off a meltdown, or several. Let radioactivity spread throughout the country.
In a few years, the land would be uninhabitable and worthless: ideal, in short, for condemning and grabbing.
Wait a century or so for things to cool off. (A corporation can be endlessly patient.)
Then the corporation winds up owning a lot of valuable real estate.
Perhaps a whole country.
Wild imagination? Maybe.
But our current realities would have seemed that way in 1912.
So think about it. This is an appropriate time.
You see, it’s almost 100 years to the day since Titanic sank on April 14 of that year.
A deep end indeed. Also an apt metaphor … and a symbolic anniversary!
(c) 2012 David Ritchie
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