The Phantom Surfers "Ten Years Of Quality Control 1988-1999" 1999

The Phantom Surfers "Ten Years Of Quality Control 1988-1999" 1999: "Yet another one for the Zone. One of the most fun surf bands: The Phantom Surfers. Here's their album: Ten Years Of Quality Control 1988-1999 (ripped from viny) greetings" - WYVThe Phantom Surfers have being paying homage to Los Angeles surf music and North West garage-rock since 1991. Formed in the San Francisco Bay area and led by guitarists Johnny “Big Hand” Bartlett and Mel “Frostbite” Bergman, they debuted with the EP Banzai Washout (Estrus, 1991) and have recorded many singles and albums in the 16 years since. A Decade of Quality Control collected together all their early singles and B-sides, which by then had become very rare and hard to find, along with some unreleased material - which is what Klingons Vs Daleks appears to be. The track opens with a distorted grunge guitar rolling slowly into a bassline similar to the Doctor Who theme, fed through a cheap echo filter that gives it a crackly, Dalek-like quality. A mournful electric guitar strikes some minor chords, evocative of an old Western 'high noon' melody, over which a voice states: "We Klingons are thirsty! You Daleks, fetch us some root-beer!" The answer is a sample from Genesis of the Daleks: "We obey no-one. We are the superior beings!" Later, the voice says "We are going to get angry with you!", to which "Exterminate!" is the inevitable reply. The samples are drenched in echo and sound as though they were recorded via microphone from the other side of the room, but it's a funny little track (clocking in at under 2 minutes) and we do wonder whether it's also supposed to be the Doctor Who theme, minus the actual melody. - from:

1. Quality Statement 2. The Hearse - El Aguila 3. Paradise Cove 4. Skating Red Square 5. Six Pack 6. Gypsy Surfer 7. Lafayette 8. Klingons vs Daleks 9. Surfari 10. Move It 11. Besame Mucho 12. Message to Europe 13. Playa Raton 14. Flutterfoot 15. Shaving Cream 16. Poison Clam 17. Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport
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