THE QUARTER AFTER "Changes Near" 2007

THE QUARTER AFTER "Changes Near" 2007: The Quarter Afters' Changes Near is an accomplished, finely-crafted record in the Neo-Folk Psychedelic space. The production is consistently strong and the mix and the sound quality somehow manage to be both old and new at the same time.
It's a big step forward in the evolution of The QA, as well as a big step back toward the roots of their family tree, The Byrds. To review The QA one feels compelled to address their relationship to The Byrds. They are direct off-spring, perhaps a grandchild. In the song, appropriately titled "This is How I Want to Know You", one can hear all of their signature elements--12 string Rickenbacker, layered, smooth harmonies, loose rockin solos going a little longer than you'd expect, shakers and tambourines and well crafted, tight lyrics.
(Amazon)Brand spanking new album from psych-pop kingpins. Lead by the two Campanella siblings- songwriter/singer Dominic & guitarist/producer Robert. Dom`s prominent twelve-string Rickenbacker & rich melodies set the tone for songs that range from dense guitar-driven psychedelic attacks to further explorations into down home country in the grand tradition of West Coast rock. They are joined by a collection of LA musicians including friend & mentor Ric Menck (Velvet Crush, the Tyde), Matthew Sweet, Miranda Lee Richards, Mara Keagle, Eric Heywood (Son Volt), Christoff W. Certik (Winter Flowers), Kirk Hellie (Meow Meow), Probyn Gregory (Wondermints, Brian Wilson Band), & Matthew Sigley (Lovetones, Daytime Frequency). POPMATTERS: "It is a fine line between derivation and influence. The work of Quarter After exhibited on this perfectly transcendent piece of retro pop easily places them closer to the latter. As his swollen list of credits attests, Rob`s skills as a producer are unsurpassed. The bright, harmonized, richly dynamic sheen on this record is not a parody of groundbreaking `60s sound, but a shining example of it still vibrating in the 21st century." (Not Lame)trax:
01 Sanctuary 02 She Revolves 03 Counting The Score 04 See How Good It Feels 05 Early Morning Rider 06 Nothing Out Of Something 07 Changes Near 08 Winter Song 09 Turning Away 10 This Is How I Want To Know You 11 Follow Your Own Way 12 Sempre Avanti
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