Integrating Street View with the Google Earth Diorama

Integrating Street View with the Google Earth Diorama:
A few weeks ago we showed you the Google Earth Diorama, a powerful tool that Paul van Dinther created to help website owners more easily integrate powerful visualizations using the Google Earth Plug-in.

Over the the past few weeks, Paul has continued to improve and refine the tool, and has recently integrated Google Street View into it. Here's a quick video showing how it works:

He's also in the process of adding a new "addAnimation" feature which will allow you to build an entire self-running presentation (rather than stopping at various points to ask for user input). The new feature isn't live yet, but is looking quite impressive:

In particular, the cut scenes look quite impressive. We'll keep you posted for when this new feature is released, and feel free to go play with the existing features over at