Showing off your ski runs in Google Earth

Showing off your ski runs in Google Earth:

If you're a skier, you've probably looked at various ways to track your runs throughout the day so you could view them on Google Earth when you were finished. Frank first shared some ideas about how to do this back in 2006 and we looked a few others last winter.

Those solutions all still work quite well, but a new product from Recon Instruments blows them all away on the "cool factor".


The "MOD" and "MOD Live" products feature a dashboard that you can view inside of your goggles while skiing that show your current speed, altitude, distance traveled -- it can even provide analytics on your jumps (distance, airtime, etc)! This video shows a bit more about what the MOD products can do:

After your day on the slopes is over, you can view all of your tracks on a slick Google Earth Plug-in powered page on their site:


They start at $299 and can be purchased from the Recon Instruments website. If you ever get a chance to try them out, please leave a comment and let us know how they work out for you.

(via Google Maps Mania)